Improve business productivity by making your teams and organization more efficient and effective. U-LINC makes it easy with workflows and notifications that simplify and speed up operations, saving you time and money.

Low cost implementation

U-LINC can be installed and configured within your existing systems in less than 20 minutes! You can set up your own workflows and notifications, or start by modifying an existing workflow or notification template.

U-LINC works with Microsoft Sharepoint

It can be as simple as a single notification or as complex as multi-level approvals with links to document libraries—the time spent depends on the complexity of the workflow. Time invested in building workflows is rewarded by time saved eliminating manual processes and dollars saved ensuring compliance with existing business rules—every time.

We don’t have SharePoint yet. How difficult is the implementation?

Maximize ROI on your existing Microsoft Dynamics system

You’re happy with your Microsoft Dynamics system, but wish it could do more. U-LINC improves your experience with Dynamics software by easily adding unlimited workflow and notification capabilities anywhere, anytime. Leverage your existing system without changing it.

Is U-LINC available for other systems besides Microsoft Dynamics?

Improve productivity without the cost and hassle of re-engineering your business processes

U-LINC is flexible. It  fits your existing business processes instead of you modifying your business processes to fit software constraints. You determine what business processes to automate within your organization, and workflows are mapped in U-LINC to execute those processes. Business continues as usual, but faster and more effectively.

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Get insight where you need it, when you need it

U-LINC gives you what you need to know, when you need to know it, with real-time notifications. The minute something changes that you want to know about—for example, cash flow falls under a certain balance or a sale closes—you are notified. No more combing through reports trying to find an answer. The answer is there when you need it.


Ensure better compliance 

Business process automation improves the speed and accuracy of those processes. You can be sure your business processes are followed correctly—every time. Fewer errors. More confidence. Happier customers. Happier you.

Process automation also help maintain compliance with government regulations and audit requirements. Workflows automatically move a task from one individual to the next as steps are completed, creating an electronic audit trail and a complete transaction history log.  

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