Workflow Automation Software for Microsoft Dynamics®

U-LINC Integrates with Existing System

U-LINC® adds comprehensive workflow and notification capabilities to Microsoft Dynamics, allowing you to automate business processes and create real-time notifications.

From simple to complex, U-LINC can automate your business processes and integrate real-time notifications when and where you need them. With U-LINC’s flexibility you won’t have to re-engineer what you do in order for the software to work.  U-LINC works for you.


Plugs into your existing system

Some workflow solutions provide a limited number of rigid or predefined workflows for specific processes. However, each organization has unique needs and uses for notifications and workflow, and each requires a solution that will work anytime and anywhere within their software system. 

U-LINC plugs into any Microsoft Dynamics application, taking less than 20 minutes to install and configure. It works within and across your existing software system without changing the way the organization does business and without changing your software. 

With U-LINC it is now possible to define notifications and workflows virtually anytime and anywhere. U-LINC works across your core business software, and also supports third party and ISV products. Link notifications and workflows to data and transactions across various systems and multiple Microsoft SQL Server databases.  

U-LINC Plugs into any SQL-based System

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What are the system requirements for U-LINC?


Automates your business processes and creates any notification

Automate Business Rules with ULINC

What can you do with U-LINC?

How quickly can I have a new workflow up and running?

U-LINC allows you to control where to leverage the power of workflow to match your business processes—from simple to complex—rather than changing your business processes to fit within the system’s constraints. Implementation of these workflows is easy with out-of-the-box workflow and notification templates provided. Modifying and creating new processes is simple, so the user can swiftly adapt to changing business needs as well as regulatory and compliance changes. 

Workflows and notifications are triggered when predefined data changes. These changes are then routed wherever you want them to go. 

U-LINC’s flexibility allows for unlimited user notifications and workflow approval levels. 

Expedite approvals and receive notifications from anywhere

With more people working from home or in remote locations, approvals can get bogged down or lost in email strings. Keep approvals flowing with workflow that automatically routes requests—from POs to raises—to the right people at work, at home, on their mobile device—anywhere.

U-LINC for Microsoft Dynamics GP Whitepaper          U-LINC for Microsoft Dynamics SL Whitepaper

Expedite approvals and receive notifications from anywhere