U-LINC brings together the power of SQL Server and SharePoint workflow to automate your business processes. Whether it is simply sending out an e-mail notification when a new inventory item is created or a complex multi-step approval/action process for employee onboarding, U-LINC puts you in control of your business needs. The flexibility and power of the U-LINC system is limited only by your imagination! 

U-LINC Business Areas

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Accounts Payable

U-LINC lets you automate your Accounts Payable processes saving you time and money. With automatic notifications, you ensure the right person is approving payables and you don’t have to spend time tracking that person down. We offer a variety of pre-configured implementations to help you get your automated business processes up and running fast. 

Preconfigured Accounts Payable Worklows & Notifications Include:

  • AP Transaction Approval
  • New Vendor Approval
  • Vendor Credit Limit Approval
  • Vendor Large Credit Memo Notification
  • Purchase Order Approval
  • Vendor Tax ID Change Notification
  • Return Transaction Approval
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Receivables Management

U-LINC allows you to expedite and track the receivables process by integrating automated workflows and notifications into your everyday processes. For instance, your sales team will no longer need to ping you about a payment. U-LINC  automatically notifies them when payment posts.

Preconfigured Receivables Management Worklows & Notifications Include:

  • Customer Credit Limit Change Approval
  • Customer Balance Notification
  • Customer Salesperson Change Approval
  • New Customer Notification
  • Customer Payment Receipt Notification
  • Credit Memo Approval
  • Customer Credit Limit Exceeded Notification
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Payroll and Human Resources

Transform your HR department by automating tasks that will save your business time and improve employee morale. Simplify maintenance of employee records by connecting steps such as position changes, benefit changes or enrollment, and/or employment status changes. Automate your Payroll and Human Resource processes with U-LINC so you can focus entirely on the communication of critical information, rather than managing the tedious processes.

Preconfigured Payroll and Human Resources Worklows & Notifications Include:

  • License Expiration Notification
  • Certification Expiration
  • Employee Pay Code Change Notification
  • HR Benefit Enrollment Change Notification
  • Leave Request Approval
  • Employee Bonus Approval
  • 401(k) Contribution Limit Notification
  • Onboarding New Employees
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Automated workflows can provide you with checkbook balance notifications and alert you to credit card changes.  Be conveniently aware of where your organization’s Financials stand at any time.

Preconfigured Financials Worklows & Notifications Include:

  • Checkbook Balance Notification
  • Credit Card Change Notification
  • GL Account Category Change Notification
  • New GL Account Notification
  • Checkbook Change Approval
  • News Sales Tax Schedule Notification
  • New Fiscal Year Notification
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Every organization has procedures they absolutely need to follow, however easy these tasks can be disruptive.  U-LINC allows you to simply modify and create processes so the user can swiftly keep up with business needs, as well as regulatory and compliance changes.

Preconfigured Compliance Worklows & Notifications Include:

  • New User Notification
  • User Security Change Notification
  • Automatic Vendor Tax ID Request
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Build Your Own

U-LINC allows you to automate any business processes.  Our customization tools let you configure U-LINC for you business, not the other way around.

Preconfigured Build Your Own Worklows & Notifications Include:

  • Quickly Build Your Own
  • Workflow, also within Third Party Products
  • Tailor U-LINC to Match Your Specific Business Processes
  • Only Limited by Your Imagination!
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