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What is Workflow (Software)?

Wikipedia: A workflow consists of a sequence of connected steps. Emphasis is on the flow paradigm, where each step follows the precedent without delay or gap and ends just before the subsequent step may begin. This concept is related to non-overlapping tasks of single resources. It is a depiction of a sequence of operations, declared as work of a person, a group of persons, an organization of staff, or one or more simple or complex mechanisms. (edited): Workflow software automates a process or processes. It provides a way for your computer/software to achieve its highest potential — to do work for you so you can get on with other important tasks. It can help save you time by automating routines and subroutines that you would otherwise spend time on. Workflow software can be configured to process data in such a way that it runs in the background, allowing you to concentrate on other important tasks.

In the case of U-LINC, the automation of workflow processes is handled by the SharePoint Workflow engine and is comprised of “steps” and “actions”. You can group your workflow actions within a series of steps. These steps can mirror your current manual business processes. The actions can then mirror some of the work that needs to occur to complete a particular business process.


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