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Our technology

U-Linc is a dynamic technology enabler, utilising a unique protocol and actuation method to allow any connected device to be operated from a single interface generated on your customer’s phone, tablet, wearable or computer.

This lightweight protocol can easily be installed on your IoT devices, saving your business time and money in app development, enhancing your customer engagement and promoting brand loyalty by offering a simple,seamless and secure solution.

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The protocol has specifically been designed to operate wirelessly over different wireless technologies with its unique capabilities to operate even without the need for Internet connection if required, providing your customers with a secure, flexible, mobile solution and bringing your business data cost savings.

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What makes U-Linc unique?

Our unique protocol provides seamless interaction for your customers, enabling multiple IoT devices to be interacted with over a common/universal interface regardless of the manufacturer or the operating platform. Provided each device is equipped with our protocol they will automatically become part of the U-Linc ecosystem. Customers no longer feel that they are locked for one specific vendor and now have the freedom to use different vendors’ devices that are part of this eco system.

Our protocol is specifically designed to be very small and requires minimal amounts of resources to function therefore enabling its application to even the most highly constrained devices, with low-power capabilities and limited memory foot-print. From the highly sophisticated to the basic, all your devices can seamlessly become part of the U-Linc ecosystem.

Our versatile protocol offers a high degree of flexibility and customisation options tailored to the needs of your users and to the specific application. With multiple levels of functionality, dynamically provisioned to your user’s profile, U-Linc can be personalised depending on the required access-level rights and authority. For example, a manager on the production floor will be able to operate any machine at any-time, whilst a worker will have access to operate a particular machine, during particular times when they are at a defined proximity.

Our protocol has purposely been designed to be highly distributed, therefore not requiring your IoT device to be specifically configured or needing to join an existing network to operate. Once our protocol is deployed on your device, be it a vending machine in an underground station, a parking meter in a remote village or a coffee machine in a hotel room, it will immediately become part of the U-Linc ecosystem

Our protocol has been dynamically designed to operate with a wide range of wireless technologies via your user’s smartphone, tablet or wearable. Whether it is smart kettle equipped with Bluetooth low energy, smart lighting utilising WiFi or a home theatre system operating with Bluetooth Classic, all can be controlled via the same common/universal interface from a user’s device.

Unlike any other existing solution, our U-Linc protocol is functional and fully operational without the need for an internet connection if desired. Interactions are not required to pass through the internet or cloud, offering a highly versatile, mobile solution with enhanced security measures.

Our protocol has been designed with a dynamic discovery capability, ensuring it is consistently future-ready. Unlike existing solutions, our protocol does not require a pre-defined set of functionality or libraries to be provisioned and it does not rely on such architecture. Your customers will be able to interact consistently with your current and future devices even when additional functionality has been added, due to this unique dynamic discovery feature, without the need for any further updates or hardware upgrades.

U-Linc offers your customers a fully customisable interface that is “built on the fly” for their smartphone or tablet to interact with. The appearance and style of the interface is totally dictated by your IoT device and can be fully branded to your business. Such architecture enables you to actively promote your brand and dynamically engage with your customers.

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How can it help my business?

Your connectable devices no longer need a dedicated app to interact with and enable their effective functionality. As a business you will saving time and money in by no longer needing to invest in app development or update requirements.

With our unique protocol you will no longer need to spend time developing dedicated proprietary protocols to control your devices. Adopting the U-Linc protocol will help your business by accelerating your route to market and increasing your agility in the rapidly changing IoT device market.

U-Linc offers a range of marketing features enabling you to directly interact with your customers in order to promote your brand, specific device or associated products.

U-Linc provides your customers with a simple solution, enabling them to more effectively engage with your IoT device. Customers will be encouraged to fully explore your devices functionality through ease of use, gaining maximum benefits from your products. By optimising the user experience, your business will be able to more effectively engage with you customers and encouraging brand loyalty.

The challenge of interoperability in the current IoT market poses a large obstacle for adoption, with devices unable to talk to each other, operating through multiple interfaces and utilising different languages. Customers are discouraged from wider uptake when faced with the need to install dedicated apps and learn new interfaces. U-Linc provides a solution to this challenge enabling multiple devices to operate hassle-free through a common/universal interface, supporting customer adoption and driving market growth.

Enhance your customers experience with a simple and seamless solution to enable interaction with multiple devices. U-Linc provides a step change for your customers and offers a truly unique experience in the utilisation of IoT device usage.

U-Linc can be customised to function without the need for an internet connection, enhancing your data’s security and deriving costs savings for your business.

Our adaptive controls will enhance your business efficiency by enabling your IoT device to be utilised by multiple users with access rights pre-defined by individual profiles. Your business will operate more effectively through improved management controls.

Your business can feel safe and secure in the knowledge that users will see only what is appropriate to their needs, based on their user profile. Utilising a series of attributes such as age, accessibility requirements, time and location, controls are customised and provisioned to reflect the needs of the user.

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