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U-Linc: A simple, seamless, secure solution

The Internet of Things (IoT) is revolutionising the way we work and live our lives. Today we are faced with an ever-growing number of connected devices from smart lighting, locks and home appliances to healthcare monitors and exercise wearables all operating independently. Customers are increasingly frustrated with an endless need to download apps for each device to utilise them to their full potential, slowing adoption rates and restricting your businesses market potential

U-Linc provides a simple, seamless and secure solution for your business. Our unique protocol provides a seamless interaction via a common/universal interface through which your customers can operate all their different connected devices without the complexity and inconvenience of having to install different applications for different devices, enhancing their experience, promoting loyalty to your brand and saving your business time and money in app development.

Our approach


Your customers will enjoy the benefits of a simple solution, enabling them to operate their multiple devices to their full potential.


Your customers will seamlessly operate their multiple devices, enhancing their user experience and improving levels of product engagement.


Your customers will feel safe in the knowledge that their personal and behavioural data is more secure with our simple solution.


Our unique solution provides your customers with a common interface, enabling multiple devices to seamlessly and securely interact, removing the need and inconvenience of installing dedicated apps for each device.

“Consumers may soon be able to seamlessly control all of their smart devices without needing to download several different interfaces and apps, thanks to a new protocol that has been developed at the University of Surrey.„

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