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Our story

It all started with a research breakthrough. Towards the end of 2016 a group of bright engineering and research professionals made a unique discovery at the University of Surrey’s 5G Innovation Centre, a state-of-the-art facility dedicated to the development of next generation of mobile and wireless communications technologies.

The group, led by our founder, had developed a novel protocol and actuation method that achieved interoperability between IoT devices and overcame a major barrier in customer adoption.

Press releases from the University of Surrey on how the technology works and its wide applications in various sectors such as the hospitality sector as an example.


The invention of this pioneering protocol and its application potential levered a significant investment from Innovate UK and U-Linc was born.

Today we operate from Guildford and are based at the Surrey Research Park, a centre of excellence and regarded widely regarded as the best science park in the UK.

Meet Our Team

Anmar Rassam
Anmar RassamCEO / Founder
Anmar is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of U-Linc. He is a Senor Electronics Design Engineer, specialising in software development, with over 15 years of industrial experience. Anmar is an exceptional Project Manager and will ensure the smooth and simple integration of U-Linc to your business operation.
Payam Barnaghi
Payam BarnaghiTechnology Advisor
Payam is the Technology Advisor to U-Linc. He is a senior academic at the 5G Innovation Centre and based at the University of Surrey. Payam has extensive research and development expertise in cutting edge IoT technologies and is supporting U-Linc to ensure your business is secure and future proof.

Helen Ellis
Helen EllisBusiness Support
Helen is the Business Support Officer at U-Linc. She is an experienced co-ordinator with excellent organisational skills. Helen has been involved in a series of large scale research and innovation initiatives including the 5G Innovation Centre and is supporting U-Linc to deliver excellent customer service to your business.
Walter Tuttlebee
Walter TuttlebeeBusiness Advisor & Strategy
Walter is a Business Advisor & Strategist at U-Linc. Walter has long and deep experience in the telecoms industry, working with government & academia, pioneering new technologies and opening up their potential. His current focus is the Internet of Things, realtime data and the application of emerging technology to transport and other industries.
Nikhil Banerjee
Nikhil BanerjeeDeveloper Advocate
Nikhil is an Advocate Developer at U-Linc. With his background in Computer Science , he is specialised in Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and IoT. Nikhil is a dedicated individual who strives to develop innovative and seamless IoT applications using the U-Linc core technology solution.
Aida Manzano
Aida ManzanoMarketing & PR
Aida is Marketing and PR Officer at U-Linc. With a background in Design Engineering, Aida is particularly interested in different smart environment applications and how such smart applications can enhance people life style and utilise businesses operations and efficiencies. Aida is a passionate communicator and committed to sharing and expanding the ground-breaking technology of U-Linc.

“Consumers may soon be able to seamlessly control all of their smart devices without needing to download several different interfaces and apps, thanks to a new protocol that has been developed at the University of Surrey.„

Press Release
University of Surrey


Your customers will enjoy the benefits of a simple solution, enabling them to operate their multiple devices to their full potential.


Your customers will seamlessly operate their multiple devices, enhancing their user experience and improving levels of product engagement.


Your customers will feel safe in the knowledge that their personal and behavioural data is more secure with our simple solution.


Our unique solution provides your customers with a common interface, enabling multiple devices to seamlessly and securely interact, removing the need and inconvenience of installing dedicated apps for each device.

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